Important Issues to Address When Visiting an Obstetrician for the First Time

28 September 2020
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Getting medical guidance during pregnancy is an essential step in maintaining the health of mother and baby. Thus, it is crucial to visit an obstetrician immediately you learn about your pregnancy. An obstetrician is a medical professional who specialises in medical care during pregnancy and after birth. They check how the pregnancy is progressing and offer valuable information that could help a mother during pregnancy and postpartum. When planning for your first visit with the specialist, it's crucial to address the following issues which could affect the outcome and experience of your pregnancy. Read More 

How well are you?

28 April 2020
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"Are you well?" It seems like a simple question but perhaps the answer isn't quite as simple as it might appear at first. What is wellness? It is more than the absence of illness. Wellness involves factors as diverse as your emotional, mental, physical, and social health. It is really about how you feel about yourself and how you make the right choices to guide yourself towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Read More 

Understanding Sinus Surgery

10 February 2020
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Sinuses are cavities found around your nose and eyes. Their main purpose is to produce mucus that helps protect your lungs and airways from dirt, infectious organisms and even pollutants. Inside the sinuses are cilia (tiny hair-like structures) that help push the mucus that has trapped dirt into your nostrils. You then have to blow your nose to get rid of it. It is not uncommon for sinuses to have problems, and that is why you might hear an ENT specialist inform you that you have a sinus infection. Read More 

Things You Know Before Attending Your First Massage Therapy Session

7 January 2020
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Massage therapy has been used for many years as an alternative treatment for people who are struggling with different health problems. It can reduce alleviate muscle tension, relieve back pain or pain caused by an injury and even reduce stress and anxiety. So, if you are having any of these issues and your physician recommends massage therapy, then you should consider finding a therapist right away. Once you set your appointment, it's essential to gather as much information you can before the day. Read More