Two simple steps to a beautiful smile

26 October 2016
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It's often said that a person's smile is the first thing that others notice about them. As such, it's worth putting a little bit of effort into enhancing this feature. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create and maintain a beautiful set of teeth. Here are a few suggestions you may want to try.

Look for a cosmetic dental clinic

If you're serious about improving the appearance of your teeth, you might want to seek out a dental clinic that specialises in cosmetic dentistry. Unlike standard dental practises, which tend to concentrate largely on preventing and treating oral-health conditions, a cosmetic dental clinic will be more aesthetically-focused. A cosmetic dentist's goal is always to give their patient's the perfect smile, with sparkling white, straight and healthy-looking teeth.

There are a huge range of cosmetic dental treatments to choose from. If you're not sure which ones you should opt for, book a consultation with your local clinic; the dentist will examine your teeth and offer their professional opinion on which treatments would be most appropriate for you.

If your teeth are already in relatively good condition, you may only need a couple of teeth whitening sessions to brighten them up. However, those with teeth that are somewhat misshapen, chipped, or uneven may benefit from other more intensive cosmetic dental work, such as composite bonding, veneers, or crowns. Bridgework and dental implants may be needed if you have missing or severely chipped teeth.

Invest in an electric toothbrush

Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth at least twice each day, if they want to keep them looking great. Regular brushing helps to remove plaque, reduce the chance of gum disease and keep teeth looking clean and white.

However, if you currently use a manual toothbrush and are finding that your teeth don't look or feel quite as clean as you'd like them to, it may be a good idea to invest in a high-quality electric toothbrush.

According to the site Consumer Reports, research has shown that electric brushes are significantly more effective than their manual counterparts when it comes to removing plaque and keeping gingivitis at bay. This is because, regardless of how quickly your brushing motions are when using a manual toothbrush, you can never match the speed of an electric model; the latter oscillates at rates which are hundreds of times faster than those of manual brush movements.  

In addition to being better at removing plaque, electric toothbrushes are also superior to manual toothbrushes when it comes to removing stains; the power, speed ,and pressure of these devices serves to scour away the discolouration produced by activities such as smoking and drinking coffee. As such, if you're keen to achieve a truly beautiful-looking smile, an electric toothbrush is a worthwhile investment.