An Overview of Specialist Clinics Offered by Medical Centres

24 February 2021
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


When you develop a minor illness or health complaint you may think it best to call the medical centre you're registered with and schedule a standard appointment to see your GP. However, most medical centres run a range of specialist clinics that may be more suitable for your needs and can offer you faster access to treatment. You can book an appointment at one of these specialist clinics in the same way you would book a GP appointment, and in certain circumstances, you may see both your GP and a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professionals from the specialist clinic you are attending.

Having access to these clinics at your medical centre can prevent you from having to wait for a hospital referral for certain minor ailments, so it's a good idea to know what clinics your medical practice runs. Read on to learn about three specialist clinics that are commonly available in medical centres.

1. Sexual Health Clinics

Sexual health clinics provide quick and easy access to family planning advice, contraception and testing for sexually transmitted infections. You can also be screened for certain cancers, such as cervical cancer and prostate cancer, and sexual health clinics can also provide support and onward referrals for those experiencing infertility. Some clinics can also carry out minor procedures, such as vasectomy and fitting intrauterine devices.

2. Mental Health Clinics

Whether you've previously been diagnosed with a mental health condition or are seeking support with your mental health for the first time, attending a mental health clinic can enable you to be assessed quickly by a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. Some clinics offer group or one-to-one counselling services and can prescribe medication to support your mental health, if appropriate.

3. Addiction Services Clinics 

For those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, access to an addiction service clinic can provide the support they need to regain control of their life and recover. These clinics provide counselling services, support groups and education programs to help you deepen your understanding of addiction and focus on your personal triggers that have made recovery a challenge in the past. Addiction services clinics can also assist with referrals to residential rehabilitation programs.

These are just a few examples of specialist clinics that are commonly run in medical centres. If you'd like information about the clinics on offer at your medical centre, give them a call or consult their website.