When Should You See a Doctor About Your Child's Bad Breath?

18 May 2022
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If your child's breath has started to smell bad recently, and you can't pin the problem down to food or dental problems, then you might need to take them to see a doctor. Some bad breath problems have a medical cause.

While this doesn't necessarily mean anything serious, you should have the problem checked out. When should your child see a doctor about their bad breath?

Your Child's Bad Breath Is Always There

Most people's breath smells a bit off in the morning. Typically, once you have something to eat and drink, and clean your teeth, then your breath should start to smell better. It might deteriorate a little during the day; however, it shouldn't smell as bad as it did first thing.

If your child's breath is really rank when they wake up for no apparent reason, then this is a cause for concern. If they also seem to have constant bad breath all day that doesn't really go away, then they might have a medical problem. If their breath starts to smell bad again soon after they clean their teeth and then smells for the rest of the day, then something untoward is going on.

Even if your child seems fit and healthy, you might want to mention the problem to your doctor. Sometimes, children have persistent problems with bad breath because of an underlying condition, an oral habit such as mouth breathing, or because of medications they take. If you can work out why your child's breath smells bad, then you might find a way to fix the problem.

Your Child Is Off-Colour

If your child isn't well, then their bad breath might be related to an illness. Even if your child is just a little off-colour rather than really sick, they might need to see a doctor if their breath smells bad and doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Sometimes, viral or bacterial infections can make your breath smell nasty. For example, even a mild case of tonsilitis can affect how your mouth smells. Or, if your child has a sinus problem, such as an infection or blocked sinuses, then their breath will smell pretty bad.

In these cases, their bad breath could be a sign that they need treatment. For example, if your child has a bacterial infection, then they might need antibiotics to clear it up. Once the underlying problem is fixed, then their breath should go back to normal.

If you're concerned about this problem, then make an appointment with a doctor at your medical centre