Why Prostate Cancer Often Has A Surgical Solution

21 September 2022
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When it comes to cancer, many people think of chemotherapy as the main treatment option, and for good reason. For a lot of different types of cancer chemotherapy is the safest option because of where it is located and how difficult it can be to surgically remove it without risk of damaging organs or weakening the patient too much. When it comes to prostate cancer surgery, however, the odds are far better and that is why it is more common as a form of treatment than many other types of cancer. Here are a few reasons why prostate cancer often has a surgical solution.

High Success Rate

One of the reasons why prostate cancer surgery is done so often is simple: it works. It is one of the most common types of cancer found in men and therefore has had a lot of research poured into it. Many different surgical options have been tried and modern techniques use very complex machines that can target problematic areas very quickly. Also, due to the fact the prostate is not as close to other, life-supporting organs, means that it is less of a risk to operate in this area, which means more patients are eligible for it.

Different Types Of Procedures

There are quite a few different surgical routes that one can go down when it comes to prostate cancer, which means that there are more men who are covered under the umbrella of prostate cancer surgery. From perineal prostatectomy to laparoscopic surgery, and a few others, there are options depending on your exact form of prostate cancer and where it is affecting your body the most, as well as how long it has been around. For a lot of other cancers, there is only one type of surgical procedure, which reduces the number of people who can undergo it.

Routine Check-Up

Another reason why prostate cancer often has a surgical treatment option is that it is generally found earlier than many other types of cancer. That is because of the widespread awareness of it, and the check-ups required past a certain age. When found early, surgical options work best on cancer because it has not spread and therefore it can be contained and removed from a single area. That is why it is so important you always go to your regular medical check-ups so that problems like these can be detected and treated immediately! 

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