How medical bulk billing works in Australia

24 January 2017
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A healthcare professional bulk bills a patient when they accept Medicare benefits as full payment for the services rendered. In order to understand how bulk billing works in Australia, it is important to have an idea of the concept of Medicare benefits. Medicare is the main vehicle through which the Commonwealth Government of Australia provides Australians, permanent residents and visitors from Reciprocal Health Care Agreement countries with subsidised medical services, including prescribed low-cost medications and free treatment at government hospitals. Read More 

Top Treatment Alternatives for Dental Overbites

2 December 2016
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Dental overbites can occur in two ways, vertically or horizontally. A horizontal overbite refers to a situation where the lower incisors and canines protrude excessively. On the other hand, vertical overbites occur when the upper set of teeth overlap the lower teeth. Despite their differences, both types of dental overbites result from dental and skeletal (bone related) issues. It is important to treat overbites as early as possible to avoid adverse effects such as speech impairment. Read More 

What Every Mother Needs to Know About Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

30 November 2016
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You may have heard from friends or your obstetrician about early blood tests that can give you information about your baby's health.  They go under a variety of names, but are collectively known as non-invasive prenatal testing or NIPT.  Blood is taken from the mother as early as 10 weeks and analysed to find small pieces of genetic information from the placenta. This is commonly called fetal DNA or cell-free fetal DNA. Read More 

Tips On Coping With Bereavement

22 November 2016
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When someone you love dies, at first you're kept busy meeting with the funeral director and arranging a suitable send-off for your loved one. Once the funeral has been held and you are sitting alone at home, the enormity of your loss will begin to sink in. But how do you cope with your bereavement? Read on for some helpful advice. The four stages of bereavement There are four recognised stages of bereavement: Read More 

What to Expect in a Spirometry Test for a Pre-Employment Medical

4 November 2016
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Many pre-employment medicals for jobs that involve dusty workplaces include a 'spirometry' or lung function test. These tests can measure current lung function in terms of lung capacity and speed of exhalation and inhalation.  Functional tests If you are going to be performing physical tasks in a dusty environment, including working as a firefighter or military officer on deployment, it can be important for you to be able to do heavy physical labour in a dusty environment. Read More