Why Prostate Cancer Often Has A Surgical Solution

21 September 2022
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When it comes to cancer, many people think of chemotherapy as the main treatment option, and for good reason. For a lot of different types of cancer chemotherapy is the safest option because of where it is located and how difficult it can be to surgically remove it without risk of damaging organs or weakening the patient too much. When it comes to prostate cancer surgery, however, the odds are far better and that is why it is more common as a form of treatment than many other types of cancer. Read More 

When Should You See a Doctor About Your Child’s Bad Breath?

18 May 2022
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If your child's breath has started to smell bad recently, and you can't pin the problem down to food or dental problems, then you might need to take them to see a doctor. Some bad breath problems have a medical cause. While this doesn't necessarily mean anything serious, you should have the problem checked out. When should your child see a doctor about their bad breath? Your Child's Bad Breath Is Always There Read More 

One Day at a Time: Staying Well While Grieving

29 November 2021
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Every year in Australia, tens of thousands of people die. Unfortunately, even more people are left behind to mourn. Grief is unique to the individual, and the circumstances of the death, relationship, and personality can all influence how one moves through the grieving process. Here are some helpful tips to stay well as you come to terms with the end of a loved one's life. Forget What You Think You Know About Grief Read More 

Get The Help You Need: 3 Reasons To Visit An Osteopath

14 July 2021
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If you have a general medical practitioner that you see on a regular basis, you might think that your medical care team is complete. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. There are some instances where an osteopath might be better suited to take care of the medical issues that you're facing. You might not realise this, but an osteopath focuses on more than just the individual complaint. Instead, they focus on the body as a whole. Read More 

An Overview of Specialist Clinics Offered by Medical Centres

24 February 2021
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When you develop a minor illness or health complaint you may think it best to call the medical centre you're registered with and schedule a standard appointment to see your GP. However, most medical centres run a range of specialist clinics that may be more suitable for your needs and can offer you faster access to treatment. You can book an appointment at one of these specialist clinics in the same way you would book a GP appointment, and in certain circumstances, you may see both your GP and a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professionals from the specialist clinic you are attending. Read More